What our clients say about us


We are proud that many of our clients have come to Investwise through personal recommendation by friends or family who have been clients for many years.

“Clifford became our financial adviser for the last 14 years. We have always been impressed by his professionalism, expertise and friendliness. He has always been ready to give wise advice as to how to proceed with our finances, being keen to establish what our goals are, but never wanting us to do anything against our better judgment. Having said that, he has always been ready to give us advice as to how best to adjust our portfolios to achieve a better outcome. He has always seemed (justly so!) completely ‘on top of’ his subject, able to explain the implications of e.g. recent tax changes and how they might affect us. One last thing – we do not view him as (just) our financial adviser, but also as a real friend, to whom we would have no hesitation in taking any problem that we feel he might be able to help with. All in all, we could not hope for a better adviser.“

Robert, Devon